Credit, of course, to the brave teachers who died trying to defend their charges.

It’s a crime that the teachers and administrators, like all others nation-wide, were, and are, prohibited from being able to actually defend our children.

Just as TSA is feel-good security theater and the Israelis actually know how to screen threats, in Israel teachers and parent volunteers are trained and armed so that they can actually prevent/stop such acts of mass murder. Here we have large, well advertised zones rich in easy targets that are prohibited by law from being defended in a timely and effective manner.

Here, there will be a call (it started minutes after the crime was first reported) for more onerous gun controls (victim disarmament) that will do nothing to stop this sort of crime and will, in fact, make the problem worse.

Teachers already must pass stringent background checks before they are given access to our children. We should make training and ready access to defensive weapons in the school a job requirement and part of their certification.

Before someone says, “Guns in the schools, are you crazy?”, consider a few facts:
1) As just stated, teachers are already checked and presumed to be trustworthy.
2) The ONLY thing that will prevent these attacks, or at least minimize the body count, is an immediate response that terminates the threat (plainly put, kill the perp ASAP)
3). Federal government statistics prove that law-abiding people who carry a gun are more than 5.5 times LESS likely than the police to shoot an innocent bystander, despite the fact that “civilians” justifiably kill many more criminals each year than do the police, as they defend themselves or others when faced with violent crimes.
4).Guns themselves, when responsibly handled by properly trained people, NEVER harm innocents.m they do NOT “just go off”. Their presence under the control of properly trained teachers and administrators would pose NO threat to the children. On the contrary, it is the ONLY way to prevent, or at least rapidly stop, these sorts of attacks.
5) As these mass shootings show, signs and laws don’t stop criminals and psychos, who don’t care about the signs, don’t obey laws, and usually plan on dying, either at their own hand or through “suicide by cop.” Less children and teachers would die if they got their (death) wish as promptly as possible at the hand of a properly equipped teacher.
6) Every moment of delay in neutralizing the threat equals more dead innocents.

Stop the insanity. Allow teachers to defend themselves and their charges and require that they be trained and equipped to do so.


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