Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Deliberately burning a surrounded suspect alive is murder.
There was absolutely no pretext of a presumption of innocent until proven guilty, no chance at a day in court as prescribed by law.
He was contained. He wasn’t going anywhere.
They could have waited it out. They could have used a gas that would cause loss of consciousness.
They didn’t. They chose the expedient solution that satisfied their desire to kill him ASAP – burn him alive a la Waco.
In fact, I have seen absolutely NO proof that Mr. Dorner actually wrote the purported “manifesto,” OR that he actually committed the crimes attributed to him. Merely allegations from law “enforcement” spread and lent “credibility” by a compliant media so captivated by sensationalism that they often create it themselves when they find the naturally-occurring variety to be insufficiently spectacular. (Remember … “If it bleeds, it leads.”)
If he did actually murder the people he’s accused of murdering, he should have been punished in accordance with the law, not willfully subjected to a summary execution by arson by cops.
He was surrounded with no possibility of escape.
The scanner tapes are damning. They INTENDED to burn him alive.
The cases of innocents, including two elderly white women delivering newspapers who the police TRIED to summarily execute, and at least one other similar incident, clearly show that the police had NO intention of capturing him. They were intent on killing him on sight, ASAP, and damn the collateral damage. (Why? Pure revenge or coverup? Either shows malice and premeditation.)
Had they had the opportunity, is there any real doubt that they would have eagerly blasted him with a hellfire missile from a predator drone in the middle of rush hour traffic on the San Bernardino freeway?
“Law enforcement” in this country have, in too many cases, become little more than a band of highly militarized armed thugs who believe they can do anything and use any means at their disposal, no matter how reprehensible, and without accountability.
All over this country, there are increasingly frequent cases of excessive use of force – in many cases against people who are totally innocent of any wrongdoing – where people (and their families) are brutalized or killed, their pets are killed unnecessarily (it appears that shooting people’s dogs is viewed as virtually SOP), and other injustices which turn the idea that policemen are our friends on its head.
I am not defending any bad acts that Dorner MAY have committed.
I AM condemning the tactics and bad acts of those who are sworn to uphold the law, yet obviously believe they are above it.


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